It is our intention to make a number of compilations of the available drawings like the composition shown above and at the thumbnail on the left. These compilations will be implemented on DIN A1 sized drawings 841 x 594 mm (33,11 x 23,39 inch).
These may be either random compilations of fifteen of the available ships or compilations based on a theme e.g. all Russian sailing ships or all the ship designed by Zygmunt Choreń. Also a compilation of ships visiting a harbor sails festival is possible.

Since we are just starting, only sixteen drawings are yet available, hence the choice is rather limited. At this moment only two compilations are made, one of the ships including the hull view and one of the ships with only the above waterline parts shown.

Both drawings comprises the following ships: Belem; Cisne Branco; ARM Cuauhtémoc; Danmark; USCGC Eagle; Juan Sebastián de Elcano; Gorch Fock; Kaiwo Maru; Kruzenstern; Statsraad Lehmkuhl; ARA Libertad; Dar Młodzieży; Palinuro; NRP Sagres and Stad Amsterdam.