Whoever visited a nautical sailing event with a port full of so-called tall-ships, must be impressed by the towering masts and the huge number of sails and ropes necessary to handle those ships.

Those ships were once the transport lifelines of the world, roaming the sea with speeds of 12 up to even 20 knots (22 to 37 km/h).

Today these ships are used for sail-training of (marine) cadets and more and more for commercial cruises, to give students and young people a first hand experience with working together as a team for a common goal.

SIMONSSHIPS.COM is dedicated to these large clipper-type vessels of more than 40 meters (132 feet) and with three or more masts. You will find details on types of ships, history and the rigging (see ships).

At this moment sixteen ships are included and every two months a new ship will be added. From mid 2013 drawings of these ships (see drawings) will become available in a number of formats.

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