Professional parties like shipowners or organizers of nautical events might want to use the drawings described at this site for commercial purposes.

The use for what ever purpose of the drawings as displayed at this site is free, provided that both the term "©SIMON KOPPES" and the website name "WWW.SIMONSSHIPS.COM" will be displayed or printed next to the drawings at a website, leaflet, folder, booklet or any other mean of reproduction.

Shipowners who like their ship(s) to be included in this catalog for free (and be added at the various Wikipedia web pages) must fulfill the following requirements (see also the descriptions of the various ships at this site):

  1. The ship has three or more masts, an overall length of more than 40 meters or 132 feet and should look like a clipper type of ship. All this at the discretion of Simon Koppes
  2. Either drawings of the ship (including the hull) or a set of pictures including pictures of the hull from various angles must be provided.
  3. A list of the ship sizes (length overall, length of hull, beam, draft-at the bow and aft, mastheight, sailarea, tonnage and displacement).
  4. A description of the ships history and when available remarkable events.
  5. Offering the information does not give any title to the provider (shipowner), how and when the information is used or placed on the site. The manner of publication is the sole prerogative of SIMON KOPPES and WWW.SIMONSSHIPS.COM.

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Shipowners who are not able to provide the above information, might invite SIMON KOPPES to perform the necessary measurements. Provided that the ship is accessible at a slipway or dock to enable measurements of the hull. Travel and hotel expenses must be paid by the shipowner.

Please, contact us about the conditions.

High quality PDF prints either in print or stored on a carrier (DVD) of a ship or a compilation of ships can be ordered by shipowners, organizers of nautical events or any other professional party. Of course these type of orders are not free. The client must explain the intended application of the images e.g. leaflets, folders, posters, books etc.
A drawing of a ship or a compilation of ships out of the catalog (see ships) can be delivered within four weeks after the confirmed order. Since the turnaround time for a new ship is two months, the lead time for a compilation with ships which are not (yet) included in the catalog is much longer. For instance: the lead time for a compilation of four ships out off the catalog and two other ships is: (1 + 2 x 2) 5 months.

Please, refer to our General Terms and Conditions for Delivery.

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